Casinos Security

When you register for your lucky nugget account or when you use it after creating your account, some of your personal data are required. These may include your first name, surname, when you were born, data of your credit card, contact information such as home address, phone number, email address and others.

All these pieces of information you gave out are kept secure. There is nothing that will be changed from what you gave.

You have the legal right to keep a copy of the personal data you gave and also to make some changes in them if there is need for that. If you want to make any change in your personal data, you need only to send email to a casino.

You can only disclose your personal data within the ambient provided by law and this can only be made to the company that provides service, consultants, business partners and also any person that carries out some function that has relation to finance.

The feature of the internet may make casinos to move your personal information out of the EEA. You can only use a site if you accept the terms and condition with regard to the use of your personal data in the manner stated above.

However, your personal data can only be used when casinos have informed you about that. Moreover, they do not disclose it to another person.

Security and prevention of fraud

The issue of security is paramount. Some security measures used online have been put in place which include account numbers and passwords. These are used during all transactions in order to prevent any interference with your account by any person. Casinos use the online security measures based on Secure Socket Layer Encryption Technology. This technology will safeguard your personal data.

They have also other measure through which they control online fraud. They can share your personal information with some online gambling sites and also some companies that provide them with banking options such as companies of credit card.

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