Casino dealer: gambling is bred in the bone

There are a lot of both brick and mortar and online casinos, which offer different gambling games of all types and kinds, so there is no difficulty to find something that would suit any player's preferences and desires.

It is really hard to meet people, who have never tried gambling in their life, and it seems that nowadays casinos' entertainments attract so many players as never before. But have you ever thought about the people, who serve all the operations connected to casino's gambling?

Probably, the most important person in gambling industry is a dealer or croupier, who organizes all the gaming procedures at playing tables and look that everything goes smoothly.

How to become a dealer

In Atlantic City or Las Vegas - the areas where gambling is one of the most popular and widespread activities - a lot of people become involved in casino's affairs taking the role of dealer or croupier.

The job of dealer provides quite attractive benefits and is rather well-paid; therefore there is always a great demand for the positions. However, it is not actually an easy task to get such job in some reliable and popular casino.

Usually, serious and stable gambling establishments have a lot of requirements for their dealers and croupiers, who have to learn some gambling-connected subjects, know all blackjack, slots and roulette secrets and then pass exams to be able to aspire to the position of casino's worker.

There are special courses available in various high schools and colleges such as University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), which applicants need to finish successfully to be enough qualified for a job of dealer.

Although gambling industry is often associated with various laws' violations, usually big and trustworthy casinos follow the policy, which implies that if you have not accomplished some dealer's official training courses, there would be very small chances to get a job in their business.

Dealer's rewards

Probably, it sounds strange, but most dealers' positions imply a fixed income of the size equal to the minimum wage.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the average dealer's reward comprises just $14 340 per year, indeed the real money, which dealers usually earn during the year could reach quite attractive amount of $ 100 000.

The sense is that a lot of gamblers provide dealers and croupiers with some tips, which could be really high in case they hit the jackpot and win casino gaming online play.